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Hello and Welcome to Ellen Frances’ Design Blog!

It's 02/20/2020, the only time this number will appear this century and it's so befitting to start a new chapter in my journey of Design, Art, Living and Lifestyle.

This is my first blog post and one of the most anticipated things I’ve probably thought about since making the decision to leave my full-time gig to pursue my passion for Design, Art, Life Style and launching my biz. Make no mistake about it I am truly on the path I'm supposed to be on. I’m elated, very excited, yet a bit scared to be in this space and ever so grateful that you've decided to stop by to follow me on this journey, to read my blog, to use the advice, consider the insights, thoughts and discoveries about the many things I hope to bring to you in this blog and in my biz.

My design mission and by-line is ‘Easy Living for The Soul’, and all that this implies. I’ve made it my life’s mission to give back, pay it forward and to leave anyone or any space better and more beautiful than how I found it. The mission of my design work, my art, my advice and insights will always be to help enhance your lives, to help you think outside the box, inside the box and to totally reshape the box… after all that's what life's about. Each day is a gift to us all and what better way to truly appreciate and honor, the Honor of Life… but to live in the full glory and beauty and in the best way possible. I hope to evoke your inquisitiveness about how you live and the true footprint you and your family and friends are leaving behind in the spaces you occupy. Whether it be in your home, in your workplace, in the places you play, worship, study and create in… let it be a place that stimulates your senses and feeds your soul and is as fulfilling as you want or need it to be. These are the places where you continue the traditions from your past and make new traditions with new family and friends. To me there is nothing sadder than spending time in environments that don’t feed our inner souls and inspire us to live that 'Best Life' that everyone is talking about, singing about and praying and meditating for. Our environments can be what we make them. Whether it’s a space we totally change. Whether it’s a space we choose because of the esthetics. Or whether we bring things into our space that evokes the peace, joy, music, comfort and overall welcoming Vibe that sets our souls free and our hearts Ablaze. I love to explore all the fabulous designers, bloggers and lifestyle gurus who inspire me and I am excited to introduce you to them along the way. We are inspired by our lives, our travels and our experiences.

So, thanks for being here and for letting me add to your journey. I hope I can assist in helping things go a little smoother and just a tad more fun than maybe you thought it could be. I know that along the way I, too, will learn from you. I hope that I learn how to expand my heart and to be encouraged by the ways you live and some tips about your life that will enhance my journey and how we can explore together the Joys in Life that we all deserve—after all this is not a dress rehearsal! Are you ready for your closeup?

Lights, Camera, Action!!!



ellen frances

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Feb 20, 2020

Hey Ellen, thanks for sharing in this Blog. I am seeking to "Live my best Life"

I want and need my home to function better, so I'll definitely be following you

as I "Find My Vibe" !

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